The 1976 Dinner That Changed the Way You Eat


The following article from CNN is an interesting piece about a 1976 dinner at Chez Panisse that revolutionized American cuisine. The dinner called the “Northern California Regional Dinner” celebrated all things local, fresh and seasonal was crafted by well-known chef Jeremiah Tower. Our 1976 Fiddletwon Zinfandel was on the menu as one of the wines offered by the glass.

“In the early 1970s, Alice Waters — the fairy godmother of garden-grown, sustainably delicious fine dining — did two things that would help change America’s relationship with food.

First, she opened Chez Panisse, her massively influential bistro in Berkeley, California.

Then, she hired Jeremiah Tower — an untrained gastronomic prodigy who would go on to redefine the American restaurant and revolutionize American cuisine.

In the fall of 1976, this creative (and legendarily combustible) relationship delivered a dinner so game-changing we’re still dining off its impact today.

Crafted by Tower, it was called the “Northern California Regional Dinner,”….”

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