Food & Wine Magazine – 50 Wines You Can Always Trust

Food & Wine Magazine

September 22, 2016

“50 Wines You Can Always Trust” by Food & Wine Magazine editor Ray Isle, explores wines that consistently deliver great wine at reasonable prices, most under $20. Ridge’s Geyserville was highlighted as one of 10 wines from the United States and France that while not less than $20, are still included in a category of wines that “…still offer disproportionate quality for the price.”

Please enjoy the following highlights from the article that reference our Geyserville.

“It’s easy to find great wines made in tiny quantities that cost a fortune. What’s hard is locating amazing wines that are sold in stores across the country, that are delicious regardless of vintage, and that ring up at $20 or less per bottle. Here are our picks for the most reliable, most readily available wines in the world—50 wines that won’t let you down. Plus, there are bonus selections: five top-notch Bordeaux for less than $25, 12 foolproof pairing suggestions and 10 world-class wines from France and the United States…”

“U.S. Luxury Values
Ridge Geyserville Alexander Valley Zinfandel ($40) – An old-vines blend of Zinfandel and a variety of other grapes, Geyserville is full of ripe blackberry and black pepper notes, no matter the vintage.”

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