ATP & Z List Prices: Q: Can you estimate the annual cost of membership?

A: The average price per bottle for the Advance Tasting Program (ATP) is $27. We ship in increments of 2, 4, 6, or 12 bottles per selection, with two shipping options: one selection, nine times a year or three selections, three times a year. The Z List ships two times a year in 6 or 12 bottle increments. The average price per bottle is $29. ATP and Z List members are charged for the wine, plus shipping and taxes based on their shipping location; there are no sign-up fees and you may cancel at any time. Please telephone the winery at 408-867-3233 or send e-mail to for more details.

Legal States: Q: Can you ship wine to my state?

A: State laws are forever in flux. We maintain an internal list of 'legal' states and their rules, as they apply to us.

Non-wine items are available for shipping to all states.

Membership: Q: Where can I find answers to my wine program questions?

A: Please see our membership FAQs here.

Monte Bello Futures: Q: When will the futures ship?

A: The wine will ship two years after purchase.

Vintage Charged Shipped
2012 2013 2015
2013 2014 2016
2014 2015 2017

Purchasing wines: Q: Can you hold my ATP, Z List, or Monte Bello Collector wine shipment at the winery? We'd like to pick it up at one of your tasting rooms.

A: Yes, you can arrange to have your ATP & Z List shipments available for pickup at either Lytton Springs or Monte Bello. Your wine will need to be picked up within two weeks of release and Monte Bello pickups are available each month at our First Friday events. Monte Bello futures are available at our March Collector events and at Lytton Springs by prior arrangement.

Store: Q: How do I find a retailer in my state who carries Ridge wines?

A: Please telephone Ridge Wholesale at 408-868-1317 or send an e-mail.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Due to customs restrictions, we cannot ship wine internationally.

Store: Q: I select wines to purchase, but when I go to check out, it says there is nothing in my shopping basket.

A: You have modified your browser to reject cookies. In some browsers, this happens when you turn the privacy setting to the highest level.

A 'cookie' is a little token that enables the website to remember what you've put in your shopping basket and the checkout forms. If you adjust your browser's settings to accept cookies, our store (and others) will work fine.

Visiting: Q: When are your tasting rooms open?

A: For information on visiting Ridge Vineyards, click here.

Visiting: Q: Can we come to Monte Bello to purchase wine during the week?

A: Please call our Monte Bello winery directly at 408-867-3233, and schedule a time to come up to purchase wine. We have limited staff during the week and you must call us in advance. You can also schedule a weekday tasting appointment by clicking here.

Visiting: Q: Can we come to Monte Bello to picnic during the week?

A: Please call our Monte Bello winery directly at 408-867-3233, or click here to schedule a weekday tasting appointment.

Visiting: Q: Does the winery host weddings?

A: Our facilities are not equipped for such events. You should consult the Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association and Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley.

Visiting: Q: Do you give tours?

A: We do host tours at both Lytton Springs and Monte Bello. For more information on visiting Ridge Vineyards, click here.