August First Friday

August 6, 2010

Location: Monte Bello

While there may not be a wine shipment every month of the year, there is always a First Friday, and on that you can rely! So don’t let the lack of an August shipment deter you from attending what promises to be another fine edition of our First Friday series. This time around, we’re going to do a little demonstration of just what makes both the Z-List and ATP membership programs so singular, and we’re going to do so by pairing related examples from each side-by-side; for example, we could pair York Creek & Dynamite Hill. Now, that could certainly be enough right there, but to make things even more interesting, we’re going to do it blind-tasting style! Meaning, it will be up to the oenophiles and Ridge-o-philes amongst you to determine the pair! So come on out, and test your palate skills! 4-7pm at Monte Bello, 11am-5pm at Lytton Springs


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