Post Harvest Celebration Tasting
Date: 11/10/2012

In honor of Harvest 2012’s successful completion, Ridge Vineyards is staging a very special Post-Harvest Celebration Tasting at our Monte Bello Estate, on November 10th and 11th, at 1pm each day.

This unique tasting experience will feature:

• A brief talk from (and Q & A session with) a key member of our Monte Bello Vineyard Team

• A multi-media presentation from a staff member embedded with the Vineyard Teams

• A five-wine Single-Vineyard Estate flight that concludes with a very special library offering

Cost is $30/person (members receive a 20% discount.) Space is very limited for this sure-to-be-memorable tasting, so we encourage you to book early!

To book your place at the tasting table, please use our online reservations system
For instructions on using our booking tool click here

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