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Water Management

Our water management strategy combines decades of hands-on experience in the vineyards, extensive soil knowledge, and intensive monitoring of early-season vine development.

Using Technology to Save Water
We recently invested in new technology to monitor the sap flow of individual grapevines within the vineyard. This cutting-edge technology, known as a sap flow meter, is used to track the sap flow in the vine, which reveals what the vine is actually taking up, combining all of the complex variables like vine size, root depth, soil moisture and atmospheric dynamics in one reading. It also shows when the sap flow falls below a critical value and the vines are shutting down. This data is wirelessly transmitted, together with data from our vineyard weather stations, so we can evaluate the health of the vines through charts and tables that are updated hourly. The results are a perfect integration of soil, root system and atmospheric conditions, which ultimately helps us create a comprehensive vision for determining the health of a vineyard and irrigating much more efficiently.

More information about this exciting new technology can be found here

Fish Friendly Farming
Our Sonoma vineyards are certified by the Fish Friendly Farming's Environmental Certification Program to ensure we are doing everything possible to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality by limiting erosion, and sedimentation of streams. More information about Fish Friendly Farming can be found here

At Lytton Springs, all wastewater from wine production is treated, stored in ponds on property, and reused for vineyard irrigation.
Ridge has been recognized by the United States House of Representatives and the California State Legislature for excellence in water quality improvement and environmental stewardship.