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Historical Timeline

1885: San Francisco Doctor Osea Perrone buys 180 acres on Monte Bello Ridge.

1886: Dr. Perrone plants vineyards and begins construction on the stone and redwood Monte Bello Winery.

1892: Construction completed on the Montebello Winery and the first wine under the Monte Bello label is produced.

1920: The original vineyards are abandoned due to the enactment of prohibition in the United States.

1949: William Short who owns abandoned vineyard land adjacent to the Perrone property replants Cabernet Sauvignon and plants Chardonnay for the first time on Monte Bello.

1959: Three scientists from Stanford University's Research Institute (SRI) purchase the property from Mr. Short and make a small amount of wine from the ten year old Cabernet vines in the small winery on the property.

1962: The new owners form a partnership that becomes Ridge Vineyards.  They re-bond the winery to again produce wine for commercial sale.

1966: Ridge purchases the old Monte Bello winery and a small part of the Perrone vineyard property.

1966: First vintage of Geyserville.

1969: Paul Draper joins Ridge Vineyards as winemaker.

1972: First vintage of Lytton Springs.

1976: Ridge comes in fifth among French and California wines, at the Paris Tasting, which later becomes known as the Judgment of Paris.

1986: Ridge Vineyards is purchased by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

1988: Paul Draper appointed as Chairman and then as Chief Executive Officer. Ridge buys replanted portions of the Perrone property.

1991: Ridge buys the Lytton Springs Winery and the old vineyards surrounding the winery in Sonoma County.

1995: Ridge buys the large western portion of the Lytton Springs vineyard.

2000: Paul Draper is named "Man of the Year" by Decanter magazine and receives the "Distinguished Service Award" from Wine Spectator magazine.

2003: Paul Draper receives the first "COPIA Award" for winemaking.

2004: Ridge completes construction of a new winery and tasting room at Lytton Springs with a focus on the production of Zinfandel.

2005: Paul Draper receives the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the German wine magazine, Wein Gourmet.

2006: The 1971 and 2000 Monte Bello cabernets win first place in both the original vintage wine and new vintage wine categories at the "Judgment of Paris 30th Anniversary Wine Tasting" in London and California.  Les Grand Prix Du Vin in Paris names Paul Draper as Personnalité de L'Anné.

2007: Paul Draper is given The James Beard Award for winemaking.